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A storyteller at heart, Helen Abell began her career as a dancer and later turned to theatre, earning a bachelor's degree in musical theater.  Improv became her passion in Atlanta, Georgia, where she was one of the original members of Playing in Traffic.


Abell then continued the next 12 years of her journey in New York City. She worked for the improv troupe Epione and danced at Alvin Ailey under Vic DiMonda until a fateful injury pulled her from the dance studio and sent her to T. Schreiber Studio. Here she honed her craft for the stage before turning her talents to the screen. Helen studied, taught and performed at T. Schreiber Studio for eight years.


During her time in NYC she founded Actor's Light Audition Taping and started her own production company Dancing Light Films LLC.  Her first short film "Perspective" is now making waves in the festival circuit. 

Abell is now once again based out of Atlanta, Georgia where she continues her performing career and businesses.

Outside of the entertainment world, Helen is an Empath and Certified Intuitive Healer. She has also had a passion for American Sign Language from a very young age. She feels incredibly honored to be connected to the beautiful culture and communities of the Deaf world and hopes that with her filmmaking she can be a strong advocate for #deaftalent. 

Helen Abell



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